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We are a Family Owned and Operated business for 62 years and are members of the Better Business Bureau.
We have an impeccable reputation!!

When transmission problems occur, many people think major repairs, but it’s NOT NECESSARILY SO.  Many times it could be valves that are stuck in the valve body, or perhaps something electronic, like sensors or solenoids. 

We scan transmissions beforehand to see if there are any electrical problems.

If you do have internal problems, then it is best to find out which parts are good and which are bad.  Whatever parts are "good " can remain, whatever is worn, damaged, or broken, that is what it is based on.  If necessary, we will open the transmission in front of you and show you first hand what the problem is.
Many times people are taken advantage of, especially those that have no knowledge of any type of repairs.  If you do not have a problem, we will be honest enough to tell you. We have many repeat, and referred customers. We are also specialists in DIFFERENTIALS and TRANSFERCASES. If we can be of any help, please feel free to call us. 

Roy Salinas

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